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Lynchian Degree [Feb. 23rd, 2013|08:23 pm]
I'm at work right now. Not much is going on except the play for Extremities tonight being performed. Last show until "The Fantastics". There is some commotion going on outside of the theater. Some dude is getting arrested for flipping out. So between that and the screams from the show, it sounds like I'm in hell and they serve coffee.

Other than that, sobriety fucking sucks. Haven't had a drop of alcohol or a puff of THC since August. Would really like one or the other right now considering how things have been going lately. Guess that's what it's like getting older. More shit happens, and it piles up to a degree where you're swimming in it.

I'd really like to move outta Michigan soon. I've been thinking about L.A., NYC, Las Vegas, somewhere new. I feel like I've drained everything out here and this place has caused me nothing but trouble over the past 10 years. It'd be nice to start new again. I don't know... we'll see how it all balances out by summertime.

More so, I would like a new job. Nobody here takes anything seriously and everybody puts a front up like they give a shit. I have an 18-year-old co-worker dipshit that tells me or asks me about if I know certain procedures. Motherfucker, I'VE WORKED HERE FOR OVER A YEAR NOW! Was I that arrogant at that age? God, I hope not.

More ideas have been coming to my head about a story. I would like to try and write it and make something come to fruition as far as filming it. Then maybe submit it to the Tromadance Film Festival-Detroit (it's a free entry and the subject matter would be appropriate for such a venue). Finding the time and then resources, on the other hand, is another story all together.

I guess I miss making movies/skits. Last gig I did was Detroit Ghostbusters (as much as I love everybody involved, I wasn't a fan of the project). Before that a couple of "schlock" horror films and junk. But I really would like to see Damnbulance. It's probably my favorite film role I ever had. Otherwise, I wish I was the villain in that one. I think I would've been better suited. Not much fun playing the good guy. Too one-dimensional.

I have more on my mind, but this will have to due for now, since in about 20 minutes the patrons will start piling in upon intermission and keep me busy before I split.

Hurdy gur.